Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All Done

Today was my last radiation treatment.  I was on such a high today.  My husband Don met me at the cancer clinic and joined me for my treatment.  You could just see the relief in his face.  I gave Rumel, Desmond and Jason (my radiation boyfriends) a huge hug thanking them for taking care of me.  They were so wonderful during this whole process.  I brought a different person with me every day and they gave my friends a full training session each time.  They were amazed at the support system I have.  I too am amazed and humbled at the help and support I received  from friends who brought me to radiation.  They were so intent on being a part of my experience and learning about radiation first hand.  I hope if anything they realized it is not such a scary experience to encounter.  Being reminded of cancer every day for the past month could have been very rough and a real drain on my attitude, but because of the radiation staff and my incredible friends it was a very positive experience for me.

I am also so grateful and thankful to my, family, friends and friends of friends who encouraged and supported me with food drop offs, flowers, magazines, jewellry, Scotch, books, candy, emails, texts, blog comments, phone calls, coffee, lunch, drinks, etc.  I am so lucky and grateful for all of you.